Our Story

Our story is simple but powerful. AVP’s journey began when Dzmitry Miranovich and Dr. Bill Wagner connected on the shared idea that the veterinary profession needed a new, better option. Unhappy with the actions of traditional corporate veterinary groups, they set out to provide an alternative for those who wanted it. 

AVP was born out of that vision: the nation’s most compassionate network of veterinary practices, free from the constraints of private equity funding. 

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This simple move resulted in a powerful option for practice owners looking for a different future than the “corporate” buy out. 

As a veterinarian-founded, veterinarian-operated group, AVP’s mission and vision is aligned with the core values of the veterinary profession. 


AVP’s Success Center Model ensures that partner-owners and the team they have built over the years receive the attention, resources, and respect that they deserve. Our Success Center team focuses their effort on reducing the administrative burden of our partner practices, allowing the local clinical teams to dedicate more of their time and attention to caring for their patients and clients. The Success Center team delivers on that commitment by providing systems, support, and strategy to our partner clinics.


Systems: The AVP Success Center will ensure administrative tasks like, payroll, accounting, and financial analysis are all handled with precision. 


Support: The Success Center proudly supports our local leaders and team members. Having someone to call for guidance and assistance is a point of value that all AVP’s partners can count on. 


Strategy: AVP coordinates with the leaders and teams at our partner practices to drive larger projects that will create value for the practice, its clients, and its patients. These value-creation projects are the biggest area where you’ll see our influence and interact with our team as an AVP partner. 


At AVP we ensure that every team member has a bright future while honoring their hard work of the past.