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Don't take your All Stars for granted!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Turnover is especially painful to businesses when it involves the top performers who are their consistent winners, drive team culture, and both directly and indirectly improve the performance of the team around them. Identifying these winners and providing them with opportunities to lead, better compensation, and internal paths of career advancement within the organization are critical to retaining these in-demand high performers. These are the people who are at the heart of high performing companies: either you can pay to retain them or someone else will pay to poach them.

Putting high performers in a position to be leaders (shift leaders, lead technicians, assistant managers, etc), cheerleaders for the team, thought leaders (get them in the room when organizational strategy is discussed), and giving them a balance of challenging tasks and worthwhile rewards allows you to maximize the greater potential productivity of these especially valuable team members.

AVP helps the practices that we partner with hire and retain All Star team members. Great businesses are built on the foundation of great teams.

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