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Every business owner needs an exit strategy.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Whether you're retiring in 3 years or 30, it is important to think about what will happen to your business after you've headed to well-deserved retirement: how to secure the best financial reward for the equity of the business you built while ensuring that the important relationships and legacy of your business will continue on under new ownership. It is important to look at both "intangibles" (the future of your practice) and "tangibles" (purchase price) when aligning yourself with a purchaser for your practice. Did you know that selling 100% of your veterinary practice all at once isn't your only option?

At AVP we don't want practice owners to be left out of the financial upside that comes with corporate ownership. By retaining a significant minority equity share in a partnership-style acquisition, we put our practice owners on track to get greater value out of their exit than they would be able to secure by selling 100% of their practice all at once at the time of retirement. We are also willing and eager to get associates at your practice involved in minority share ownership. As a veterinarian-operated group you can rest easy in the knowledge that our values align with yours.

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