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Obsess over productivity, not efficiency

This doc's diagnosis for the veterinary industry: Pathological frugality

Great companies obsess over productivity, not efficiency. Don’t try to grab a larger slice of a small pie and leave your employees hungry: successful companies bake more pies. There is great growth potential in the veterinary medical space for the practices that have the right people and systems in place to meet the high expectations of modern pet parents.

The societal macro trends of “humanization” of pets and the perception of pets as members of the immediate family means that the growing number of pet owners are increasingly eager to spend generously on high quality medical care for their pets. Rather than seeing profitability as a short term goal to be achieved by trimming expenses, it should be viewed as an inevitable reward for improving productivity at the individual and organizational level.

I'm always happy to chat with practice owners about how becoming an AVP partner practice can help you take your practice to the next level.

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