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Work-life balance

Just because you love your job doesn't mean you should be working at it all of the time. Work-life balance is critical to your personal success and well being.

Veterinarians and especially veterinary practice owners struggle with finding boundaries between their passion for helping animals in need and being able to leave their work at the door and give themselves enough time and mental bandwidth to recharge and recuperate outside of work. The challenging hiring environment for associate veterinarians, rising caseload, and the struggles of navigating the COVID-19 protocols necessary to keep you and your staff safe have all converged to make work-life balance even harder to find. Your staff and your patients deserve you at your best, and you're only at your best if you're happy and rested.

Practice owners: Ask me about how becoming an AVP practice can help you recapture a healthy work-life balance by reducing your back office workload and aiding you in headache areas like hiring and retention.

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