Better medicine, better business, and better lives for veterinarians through partnership

AVP is a vet-founded and vet-operated group that wants to make it easier for you to practice gold standard medicine with full clinical autonomy. We enable veterinarians to focus on caring for their patients without having to think about HR, recruiting, benefits, accounting, advertising, and other non-clinical tasks. We are not "private equity" backed, and our practice co-owner partners share in the financial upside of our growth on the same terms with AVP.

Our mission is to advance the lives of pets, pet parents, and veterinary healthcare workers together. 

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We build long-term partnerships

By partnering with us veterinarians retain ownership in their practices as well as complete clinical control. We bring operational know-how and shared services across a network of other independent practices.

What AVP is looking for

We are looking to partner with veterinarians who are excited about practicing medicine and want to dedicate more time to medicine and less time to the operational tasks involved in running a business. Our ideal partner is a doctor who is motivated to continue to lead their team, carry the culture of their practice, and values their clinical autonomy. 


In our typical partnership AVP will purchase majority equity in the practice, with the selling doctor retaining significant minority equity and complete clinical control. Partnerships are inherently flexible in structure and terms, so we’re able to build partnerships that align with a wide variety of needs and goals.


Our ideal partner is a doctor who is not looking to retire in the next 3 or more years but already wants to monetize some portion of ownership interest with an option to monetize the rest over time. This allows our partners to enjoy the financial benefits of the built-in equity in their practice earlier than retirement while retaining clinical autonomy and an ongoing ownership interest in their hospital. 

Associate veterinarians interested in leadership or ownership roles can have the option of building ownership interest in the practice over time. 

What AVP offers

AVP is a veterinarian-operated company and this is reflected in our belief that good veterinary businesses are built on the foundation of uncompromising quality of care. We partner with hospitals that practice excellent medicine and we want to provide our partners with the independence and resources to continue to do so. 

We bring financial and operational expertise to streamline processes such as accounting, advertising, information technology, human resources, and others. We draw from a network of experts in each of those fields to supplement our own expertise. AVP takes responsibility for much of the non-clinical ownership duties, allowing our practice partners to enjoy better work-life balance.


We are not looking to rebrand practices or change cultures. We value “local feel”, goodwill and the trust that has been earned over many years. Our goal is to retain all key players in the practice including associate veterinarians, managers, and support staff leaders. 

We form partnerships in a true sense. Our partners participate in the financial upside of the practice on the same terms with us. Our partnership structures are designed to be simple, fair, and directly align incentives between AVP and our practice partners.


We bring expertise and enable growth

We bring financial and operational expertise supported by a strong bench of advisors and experts to help take your practice’s growth to the next level. As our partner you remain a true co-owner in your practice and you will benefit from practice growth on the same economic terms as AVP. We believe that good partnerships are built on fair and equal terms.

Operational Help

Some of the areas of our expertise include:

  • Hiring – recruiting and retaining doctors and veterinary techs is an integral part of running a veterinary practice; we create the right incentives to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Human resources – payroll, benefits, and other.

  • Finance and Accounting – streamlining bookkeeping and tax reporting.

  • Practice management – enabling management to receive real-time actionable data; scheduling and post-visit reporting.

  • Advertising – search engine optimization, Google, Yelp, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and other) advertising; ability to measure impact and maximize results.

  • Information technology – the backbone of operations, including various telecommunication and IT systems.

Value Creation

There are several avenues of how to create value:

  • Revenue growth – Increase revenue through better scheduling, proactive follow-ups with patients, efficient use of various advertising channels, and improved staffing (i.e. hiring additional techs and assistants in order to enable doctors to focus on patient care, improving doctor and patient satisfaction and health outcomes).

  • Margin improvement – In our experience, operating profits could be increased by 25-50% at most independently owned veterinary practices, driven by operating efficiencies modeled on high-performing veterinary practices and prevailing industry best business practices.

  • Shared resources – Exchange ideas and share costs among partner clinics in our network.




Dzmitry Miranovich – Co-Founder

  • Former investment professional at The Carlyle Group, a global private equity firm with over $200 billion of assets under management

  • Extensive experience in investing in multi-location consumer/retail and veterinary services, including investments in three of the largest private equity-owned veterinary consolidators


Bill Wagner, DVM – Co-Founder

  • Extensive experience as a veterinarian in small animal general practice

  • Founded a specialty pet care product brand, Doc Wags

  • Received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University and his Bachelors of Science in physics from Boston College


Tedd Trabert - Director, People & Success

  • Tedd has 25 years of experience in the Human Resource Field, including roles as the former strategic People Leader for the nation’s most recognizable names, such as Home Depot, USAirways, Continental Airlines, and Jetway Airport Services.

  • Tedd's expertise in multi-location, multi-state networks includes the nation's best community health network, Florida’s largest network of urgent care clinics, and the largest international family law firm. 


Cody Waldrop - Practice Management Officer

  • 16 years in veterinary industry, starting as a kennel attendant while in high school. In his last role, Cody was a regional manager at one of the largest veterinary groups in the U.S.

  • Cody is a Certified Veterinary Business Leader (CVBL), Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP) and Human-Animal Bond Certified (HABc).

  • He is also an active member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA) and currently serves on the VHMA Industry Advisory Panel.


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